Mentor-Mentee Retreat

mentor menteeOne of the many things I am thankful for as a result of choosing CMU and LAS is my mentor.  Over the course of the semester, Connor Ewald has gone above and beyond to make my experience great.  I was fortunate enough to have gotten to know Connor over the summer before I came to college, but honestly, nothing can compare to the time we have spent together at school.  We have been through thick and thin together over the course of the year and we have become more than just a mentor-mentee pair.  We are best friends; the Dynamic Duo, and we even have T-Shirts to prove it.


I really appreciate the time that I was able to spend with Connor at the Mentor-Mentee retreat at Eagle Village.  From sitting around the fire, to laying around star gazing, to our eventful (and almost tipsy) canoe trip, to overcoming the high ropes course and those freaking tires, Connor and I were able to really understand our appreciation for each other on a whole different level.  Not only did I grow closer with Connor on this retreat, but I also was given the opportunity to get to know a lot of my classmates better, as well as meeting many of the sophomores in LAS for the first time.  I’m so thankful for this experience and for the connections and memories I was able to make on the Mentor-Mentee Retreat, and I cannot wait to make my Mentee’s experience one to remember next year as well!



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