Connections Conference at the Great Wolf Lodge was a really positive experience for me.  I did not know what to expect going into the conference, because I had never previously attended a leadership conference.  I was interested to see what we would be introduced to and how we would be challenged to grow as leaders, and I think that Connections provided us with this opportunity.

My small group was headed by Vince Thurman, who did a great job facilitating our group and pushing us to really think of how we as leaders can bring our personal assets as well as assets of the groups and organizations we are a part of together to provide the best opportunities and experiences possible for others.  One of my favorite speakers at the event was Erin Gaken, who gave a presentation titled “Boys Can Cry, and Girls Don’t Have To.”  This presentation touched on breaking typical gender stereotypes and was very interesting and interactive.  On a side note, I also really enjoyed the time we were allowedGreat Wolf Lodge to spend at the waterpark and the time I was able to spend unwinding with friends after all the seminars had ended for the day.  I feel that Connections educated me on how to grow and become a better leader, and also gave me the skills and knowledge I need in order to do so and encourage others to do the same.


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