A Leader to Look to: Emma Watson

One woman who truly stands out to me as a leader in today’s society is Emma Watson. Emma Watson has been selected as the United Nations Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, and the speech that she gave to the world was brilliant. In her speech, Emma acknowledged the fact that “feminism has recently become an unpopular word” and clarified that fighting for women’s rights is not to be considered “synonymous with man-hating,” but rather that both “men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” She also brought to attention that gender equality is not only a woman’s issue, but a man’s issue too.

This speech must have taken a tremendous amount of courage to deliver, especially because its topic is seems to be increasingly unpopular in society today. It is for thisemma watson reason that Emma Watson is a leader to look to. She sets aside all of her personal accomplishments and fame, and takes advantage of the opportunity to not only stand up for gender equality as something that she believes in, but also something that shows the world another side of the issue with confidence and conviction. Instead of the negative connotation of feminism that seems so prevalent today, Emma directs attention to another side of the story, and her speech becomes a call for equality for both genders.

Emma Watson possesses the qualities of a strong and effective leader by demonstrating courage, and instead of blaming a group of people for any set of problems that are arising, she calls all people to action for equality for both genders. This strategy of leadership not only makes her message more clear and meaningful, but also calls to attention key issues in society and offers an invitation for all people to address it. Through Emma Watson’s speech, people are no longer divided by feminism as a struggle between men and women, but are brought together in an effort to gain equality for all, which is why Emma Watson is such an effective leader.


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