Why Statement: My Statement

“Inspire others to live with passion and never take anything for granted.”

How do I live my life?  Why do I do what I do?  I exist to make a difference in the world.  The thing that I value most in my life is relationships – with God, with my family, with my friends, and with all others around me.  I am passionate about achieving my goals and helping others to do the same.  I want to be able to inspire others to appreciate who and what they have in their lives and to give back.  I want to keep my personal life and priorities in perspective and not take anything I have for granted.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.  Why you do things, your motivations, are driven by what you believe and value, or what you are passionate about, and this, in turn, is reflected in what you do.  I strive to live out my passions and not take anything in my life for granted.  The key word here is strive.  No matter how far I go in life, there will always be room for improvement.  But I believe that the key to success is to be passionate about what I do, on any scale.  Whether it’s my career, my family, volunteering opportunities, or any other involvements, if I love what I do, and I pour my whole self into it, not only will I be a better version of myself, but I also might just be able to inspire other people to do the same.

Along with being passionate about what I do and who I surround myself with  comes another important aspect of life that so many people overlook, myself included.  One of my focuses is to remember to never take anything or anyone in my life for granted.  I am blessed with so many opportunities and so many people who love me, and all too often it is easy to forget how lucky I am.  It doesn’t take much effort to let someone know how much they mean to you, and it really helps to keep things in perspective, especially when life begins to get hectic.  If I can show my appreciation toward the people who are always there for me and for all of the blessings I have, it just might inspire someone else to do the same, in which case, I would be successful.

One of my personal goals in life is to make my passions motivate me, without overlooking anything or anyone I have in my life.  If I can inspire others to live with passion and never take anything for granted through how I strive to live my life, I will have done what I set out to do.  This is my “Why Statement.” This is why I do what I do each day.

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One Response to Why Statement: My Statement

  1. Passion for what you do is such an important facet. Without passion we wouldn’t be living, merely existing. When you’re passionate about something, it will flow out through everything you do or say when in conversation, and that’s so precious. So valuable and inspiring in itself!

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