MVP: A Memoir

Year two.  To kick off the season of my sophomore year on the CMU Women’s Club Softball team, I was appointed Treasurer.  This meant that in addition to holding positions on the team as pitcher and first baseman, I was given a leadership position on our Executive Board.  This year, my job – in addition to handling the team’s financial information – was to set a standard of hard work and dedication and to set an example of this standard to the rest of the team through my leadership.
mvpMy greatest memory of the year occurred at Northern Illinois University during our last
tournament of the year, where we took third place overall.  We were playing against the University of Missouri, the 8th ranked team in the nation.  They were an offensive powerhouse – to put it into context, we had played them earlier in the tournament, where they finished the game scoring 16 runs on us.  This game, though, would be different.  I was pitching.  Because of poor weather this spring prior to the tournament, it was my first time actually throwing outside since our fall season had ended, and it was now April.  Needless to say, I was slightly nervous as I went through my pre-game warmup routine.  As soon as I heard the umpire yell “Batter up!” however, my nerves calmed and I dialed in.

Long story short, I pitched one of the two best games of my entire life, and held Missouri scoreless through five and a half innings.  As a part of this tournament, after each game both teams would vote for their opponent’s Most Valuable Player, presenting them with a ribbon in front of both of the teams.  Because of my pitching performance, Missouri had voted me MVP of the game.  The feeling that came from this honor was surreal.  It was incredibly rewarding to know that people are able to see how I have progressed as both a player and as a person.  I am so proud of my team, and how far we have come as an organization since my freshman year.  I am blessed to be a part of the CMU Women’s Club Softball team and I look forward to our accomplishments in years to come.

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