Communication is Key

“I want you to look back at this class and think ‘I enjoyed going to Moore Hall at 2PM.’” –Elizabeth Carlson.

In Elizabeth Carlson’s Communication in Leadership class, my cohort studied a variety of concepts including leadership theories, leadership and influence, leading groups, teams, and organizations, public leadership, leadership and diversity, and ethical issues in leadership.

We also participated in “fishbowl” discussion activities frequently.  Fishbowls consisted of one small group of students in the class sitting in the middle of the classroom and having a self-guided discussion amongst themselves about a case study having to do with a particular area of leadership, as the rest of the class observed the conversation.  When the group in the middle was finished speaking, the whole class split off into several small groups with each original member facilitating the new conversations.  Following this, Professor Carlson would bring the class back together with a wrap-up discussion to consider different ideas that were brought forward from each separate conversation.

I really enjoyed this process, and I think that it significantly impacted my ability to apply topics that we had learned about in class to “real-life” scenarios.  Through the fishbowls, our class was presented with such a variety of issues and a multitude of perspectives on how to solve each of them, which led to great conversations about leadership, personal values and beliefs, and challenging ourselves and our classmates.  I believe that it is through these types of conversations that we are able to grow as individuals, and for that reason, I am very appreciative of the concepts and skills that I learned in COM 461L.  With that being said, I can honestly say that I enjoyed going to More Hall at 2PM.

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