Hello Reader!

Goals are important stepping stones to success. The people that I look to as leaders don’t set out to change the world in monumental ways overnight. They set small and obtainable goals for the short-term, keeping the desired outcome in mind. This is why I keep many goals in mind. I have desired outcomes, and am focusing on taking the steps needed to get there.

One thing in my life that I hope to make a reality upon graduating from Central Michigan University is working for a Big Four accounting firm. To do this, I have set many short-term goals including maintaining a high Grade Point Average, staying on the Dean’s list throughout my college career, being an active member of Beta Alpha Psi, and obtaining an internship during the spring semester of my Junior year at Central (which I am proud to say that I have accomplished).

Another thing that I hope to accomplish is becoming a pitching coach for elementary, middle, and high school girls. My dream would be giving girls the opportunity to start pitching at a young age and developing a genuine love for the game, and continuing to work with them and develop their talents and passions as they go through school.  I want to not only be able to teach softball skills, but life lessons as well. My plan to do this is to continue playing for the CMU Club Softball team throughout my college career, and become a captain of the team by my junior year.  I also plan on continuing to work with my personal pitching coach, to whom I owe a majority of my success, and continue helping him coach young pitchers. Having the opportunity to coach other girls with my pitching coach not only builds these girls’ skills and develops their love for the game, but also gives me an opportunity to learn and grow as a role model and leader.

If I can accomplish the short-term goals that I have set for myself, I will be setting myself up for success in reaching my desired outcomes by giving myself an edge up due to the experience that I will have gained and my continually growing passion for what I do.