Leader Advancement Scholarship

Hello Reader!

The purpose of this page is to let you know about my personal experience as a part of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship at Central Michigan University.  Home.  That’s how I describe it.  I have an unlimited support system behind me, resources to help me, and friends to reach out to whenever I am in need, and I am able to offer all these things to others as well.  It’s hard to put the LAS experience into words.  From Competition Day and the Mentor-Mentee Retreat to Spark and Connections there has been no shortage of opportunities for us to grow as leaders.  I give LAS so much credit for allowing me to have such a great start to my college career because of all the people I have met and opportunities I have been given, while knowing that I will constantly be challenged to be the best version of myself that I can be, and I’m extremely excited to see what I can do with all I have been given through the Leadership Institute.  I would highly recommend getting involved with the LI to anyone who is interested in leadership, challenging themselves, stepping out of their comfort zone, and meeting some amazing people.  LAS is a place where acquaintances turn into friends, and friends turn into family.